Dr Shapiro and Research Team 2023

"There is always room for improvement and we need to work hard in the lab and continue to make progress. Our team’s goal is to drive research today to accelerate a cure for tomorrow."
- Dr. James Shapiro

An Evening with Dr. James Shapiro


Hear from Dr. Shapiro on the progress that is being made toward a cure for Type 1 diabetes. See how your donations are making a real difference, and listen as Dr. Shapiro answers some viewer questions about the research.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Canada (DRIFCan) is to directly fund cure-based diabetes research conducted by Dr.James Shapiro and the team at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.
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Dr. Shapiro maintains an active research and development laboratory at the Alberta Diabetes Institute.
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There are

over 450 Million

people worldwide who live with a form of diabetes.

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Every 3 minutes another Canadian is diagnosed with diabetes.

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